Capitalizing on Telecommunication for SMBs

Telecommunications plays a huge part in our daily lives. For businesses, this means adapting products and services in line with the latest technologies in order to meet marketplace demands and stay competitive.

This provides a huge opportunity for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) to capitalize on. SMBs with limited internal IT resources should utilize smart technologies available to find phone solutions that help cut costs and increase productivity.

Telecommunication for SMBs should be taken seriously. Standard Utilities have identified the following industries trends that SMBs need to pay attention to in order to stay competitive:

Telecommunication vs the Cloud

Telecommunication convergence explores the idea that services are merged into single networks and devices that are fueled by the internet; for example, smartphones that offer web access, video, voice calls, etc.

We’ve all heard the buzz term ‘Big Data’ floating about but what does it mean for SMBs?

It means the volume of data continues to grow and it’s ever more important to make use of Internet Protocol (IP) and cloud storage. This can be a wary thought for smaller business but the “cloud” isn’t something to fear. It’s simply an off-site storage facility where data is held in “data centers”. This means SMBs can avail of these data centers by purchasing data storage and processing from “cloud” providers such as Standard Utilities. Not to mention the reduced costs they can benefit from compared to if they were to continue to use traditional data storage and processing methods!

Even more significantly, the cloud’s massive storage and processing of data is the principal enabler of the other hot term “Internet of Things”! IoT allows network-connected devise worldwide provide access to complex data and applications.

Business Intelligence Apps

With over 2.2 million apps available on Android and approximately 2 million available on Apple, its necessary SMBs recognize how mobile integrates with daily life.

Thanks to Business Intelligence (BI) applications, SMBs can effectively optimize processes and grow activity. BI applications delivered through telecom systems such as video conferencing and unified communications, can improve collaboration between employees as they work together to meet overarching business goals.

Cloud-based VoIP and associated applications let SMBs, not just larger organisations, reap the benefits of applications that allow for unified communications through virtually every business application imaginable.

With the implementation of smart technologies such as Samsung Xchange, Standard Utilities are a telecoms provider who utilizes mobile to help businesses drive productivity and improve performance.

Cyber Security Is A Must

Online banking, car insurance renewals, healthcare registrations and more. Think how many business services are available online and how many people use them. That equates to a lot of personal and sensitive data floating about in the cloud.

Cybercrime continues to rise due to lack of knowledge about online security. There are too many stories about black hat hackers bypassing internet security to access sensitive data for personal gain. Don’t let your business be a victim! It’s vital SMBs take action because no business is immune.

So how do SMBs protect themselves against cybercrime compared to larger organisations who have access to larger budgets and better resources? Opting to use a service provider with third-party data security certifications will allow SMBs to benefit from data and network security. Don’t just take the risk. Talk to a service provider today to find a solution for your business.

Large Telecom Providers Don’t Service SMBs

Perception has it that SMBs are under-serviced by large telecom companies as the opt for larger or multinational organisations with more revenue. Typically, SMBs require higher levels of customer service and selling to them requires telecom providers to have more stakeholders on board. These factors and a range of others often means SMBs are forgotten about in telecoms books.

But this doesn’t have to be the case. SMBs are a vastly growing (and profitable) market, worth approx. £22 billion globally. McKinsey estimates that SMBs are growing at a rate of 20% annually, highlighting huge potential for telecom providers to be associated with and build relationships with them!

To remain competitive, SMBs need access to the same resources and IT solutions that larger competitors have.

SMBs Telecoms Provider

At Standard Utilities, we actively serve SMBs, efficiently and simply. We not only provide the most advanced business telecom solutions for our clients, but also provide an attentive, personalized service that customers expect and deserve.

For SMBs, choosing a provider that can deliver cost-effective, simple IT & telecoms solutions customized to enable them to succeed in the changing telecommunications environment, is becoming even more critical.

Contact Standard Utilities today to learn how we can manage the complexity of telecom solutions for your business.