Standard Utilities supports Cycling Down Dementia

Dementia is not something that happens to people as they get older. It’s caused by an illnesses that stops someone’s brain from working properly. A person with dementia may have problems remembering, thinking and speaking. They might say or do things that seem strange to others and find it hard to do everyday things.

You’ll probably become aware that they’re just not the person they used to be, which is what makes dementia such a sad and debilitating disease.

That’s why we’re delighted to support Cycling Down Dementia, particularly Brian Scullion, our Billing and Provisioning Manager, as he takes on the hardcore winter cycling challenge.

What’s the challenge?

The challenge is ‘riding out the winter, together’ by cycling 1500 kilometres between 1 December and 28 February 2021. Whether it’s indoor cycling like spinning or virtual cycling, or outdoor efforts battling the road or mountainous terrains, the challenge – supported by Garmin – remains a tough one in such a short period of time.

After a challenging year, where we’ve all hit the road more in a bid to focus on mental health and wellbeing, the winter edition of Cycling Down Dementia is a super way to get moving and keep a track of your personal progression through a range of sports apps like Garmin and Strava.

You can participate on an indoor bike or out in the countryside – how you do it is up to you – but there’s no doubt this event will test your strength!

But with life-changing breakthroughs in dementia research on the cards, the cause is a good one.

We’re delighted to support our staff in taking on this challenge

Brian has been with us for just under three years now and and focuses primarily on invoicing, organising installations, managing account queries – and basically anything thrown at him! He’s dedicated, super organised and a central member of the Standard Utilities family.

On top of working with us and supporting four children, he’s now in the throes of daily training to make the 1500 kilometre cut before the February deadline.

We’re absolutely delighted to be a part of his stalwart efforts and have agreed to match any money he raises for this worthwhile cause.

Mental health and how it impacts us all

Brian started cycling during lockdown, as well joining the Couch to 5k fitness running programme.

When asked about his inspiration and why he took up cycling, he says ‘Cycling gave me the chance to clear my head during a tough lockdown. It offered me time to think when I was on the road all by myself. I found that I was a better person whenever I came back.”

He went on to add that he chose this particular charity as he felt it was “less common and focused on a more mature demographic.”

Speaking about his family, Brian says they are hugely encouraging and that, despite the winter chill and darker nights, there’s not a day where they don’t encourage him to get out there and put his best foot forward.

He has set himself a humble target of just £150 but says it’s low because of the number of people that have lost jobs or spent the year struggling on a reduced income. “Not everyone can afford to give,” he says, “So I’m grateful for literally anything that comes my way.”

“Standard Utilities has agreed to supported me financially, ” he told us. “They also supported my Cycle to work scheme, which is probably where this all started. Without them and the scheme, I doubt I’d even be doing this.  In fact, I’m not sure my old bike would have held out!”

If you would like to support Brian in the race to cycle 1500 kilometres and raise funds for Alzheimers Research UK, visit his Facebook fundraising page.

Any donation for dementia research will be greatly appreciated.

We would like to wish Brian the very best of luck!