Business Broadband

Having the right business broadband package is critical if you want to get the most from your data allowance and get the right level of speed you’ll need to operate effectively.

Standard Utilities works with BT, Virgin and eir who are all leading providers in business broadband services, so whatever your requirements we can deliver on both speed and reliability, as well as cost.

We offer a range of business broadband packages to suit all businesses and pride ourselves on offering business broadband deals at competitively low pricing.

Check out our products below and get in touch if you’d like to discuss these in more detail.

Lease Line broadband

A leased broadband line is the most expensive business broadband connection, but it’s also the fastest. That’s because the network offers you a dedicated or bespoke business broadband line that’s not being shared with any other businesses. As you’ll be the only business using the line, you’ll benefit from greater megabytes, which positively impacts your upload and download speeds. In short, your strength isn’t being diluted by other business taping in to it, so you’ll have what’s called an ‘uncontended’ line where the data isn’t being squeezed by anybody else.

If you’ve got the budget, a lease line broadband contract is well worth paying for.

Fibre Broadband

Fibre broadband is suitable for a host of business connectivity solutions. From home working, as well as for small to medium sized enterprises who don’t have either the need or the budget for lease line broadband. Having a fibre broadband connection is a little slower given it’s a ‘contended’ line, which means it’s shared with other businesses who are also tapping into it, but it does the job perfectly well.

Ever noticed how weak your home signal strength is when your kids or friends are gaming or watching YouTube videos on repeat? If so, you’ll understand how multiple usage can slow down the speed of response. Well, Fibre broadband works in pretty much the same way, but it’s an ideal broadband solution for smaller or SME-type business, particularly if you’re working in isolation or from home.

4G Mobile Broadband

Our 4G mobile broadband runs off either O2 or Vodaphone and we’ve a variety of low cost 4G packages available. So if you’re in the sticks and can’t get a normal signal, then our 4G mobile broadband can easily fix that. All it takes is a dongle that’s connected to your computer, which sends out a 4G mobile signal to the network: this is called ‘broadband over mobile data’.

This simple method of telecoms connectivity is all it takes to make sure you stay connected, no matter how remotely you work.

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