Wireless Networks, also known as Wireless LANs, are used to connect you to things like printers or shared files, as well as connecting you to the internet. This method of connectivity allows you to communicate more quickly and effectively by sharing the information you need, wirelessly and throughout your entire organisation. Without it, you simply wouldn’t survive from a technical perspective.

Standard Utilities is supported by Ubiquiti Networks, a specialist global manufacturer in wireless data communication products and wireless network solutions. We also partner with TP-Link who provide the wireless routers needed to access the internet and stay connected in today’s technologically demanding world.

We can support your business Wi-Fi needs with a range of fixed wireless networks across multiple offices and locations to make sure all your business locations stay connected, without the need for unattractive and unnecessary wires.

Let Standard Utilities work with you to enhance your business communications and help you work efficiently and effectively, so that you can sit back and focus on your own successes.

Talk to us today about your business Wi-Fi on 028 9032 8888 (NI) or 01 908 8888 (NI.

We’re more than just an internet provider.