Hosted and VoIP Systems

What is a Hosted phone system?

A ‘hosted’ phone system means you’ll be connected to a virtual phone system in the cloud, which can often be a cheaper way to run compared with a traditional hardware-type telephone system.  It doesn’t mean that hardware phone systems are on their way out – it simply means there are new ways of connecting without the need for physical ISDN or analogue phone lines. Instead, you’ll connect remotely through the internet using software, rather than hardware and you’ll often hear a hosted phone system being referred to as an ‘internet phone system’. At Standard Utilities, we’re supported by Horizon, who offer some of the best hosted and cloud based telephone systems around.

What is a  VoIP phone system?

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. VoIP is a cloud-based phone system that runs over the internet too, so if you don’t have a specific work location or you work remotely, VoIP would work particularly well – or if you run a small to medium business and are looking to keep your costs down. VoIP can have many benefits, including lower billing, as calls made over the internet tend not to incur any further charges other than the contractual internet costs themselves, so it’s easy to see why VoIP’s popularity has increased over the years.

An advantage of both systems means there are minimal up-front payments and you’ll avoid the unnecessary costs of lines and hardware equipment, in most instances anyway. Instead you’ll use an internet connection and in many cases you’ll be able to link this to an in-house CRM or other system that will help you stay better connected.

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